Thursday Thoughts  

What was the worst sermon you've ever heard?
What makes a bad sermon?

This week, we hear three "sermons" in the texts, including a complete retelling of the Gospel in ten verses.  What do these sermons tell us about our calling to discipleship?

Isaiah 42:1-9
     First Servant Song
          These passages in Isaiah became very important to the early church in their understanding of the person and work of Jesus.  They helped those early Christians understand Jesus and understand how God was using his life and passion in their salvation.
     "One will show us the light"

Acts 10:34-43
     Peter's sermon to Cornelius' Household
     God shows no partiality
          No one has to "lift up their face,"  all are equal in God's sight
          Belief leads to forgiveness.

Matthew 3:13-17
     Baptism of Jesus
     "Scandal of Jesus' Baptism" implies that it really happened this way, and that was a problem for the early church, because who baptized John? 
     What does it mean that Jesus never baptizes anyone?

Early Sermon Thoughts
     Title:  The Challenge of "Well Pleased"
     If there is no other point where Jesus shows baptism, we are also meant to understand ourselves in Jesus' story.  It is our baptism that unites us in MINISTRY with Jesus, and our challenge is for God to see what we're doing, and be pleased with the lives we are living.  Quite a challenge!

Next Week (No meeting, Pastor Dayne in Rapid City for Sessions Committee)
     Isaiah 49:1-7
     1 Corinthians 1:1-9
     John 1:29-42 

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