Thursday Thoughts  

Question:  Have you ever given something up for Lent?  How did it make you feel?  How did that change your experience of Lent?

Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-7
     Temptation and Fall
     What was Eve looking for?
     How does this story lead to "Dangerous Women" in Western literature?
     Why is the fruit more attractive? 
     What is the purpose of putting the Tree in the Garden?  Is this God's plan (the Fall)?
     How does this allow us to return to relationship with God?

Romans 5:12-19
     Sin came through humanity, salvation came through Christ
     Ability to be forgiven because of the obedience of Jesus.

Matthew 4:1-11
     Jesus' Temptation
     Led by the Spirit to the desert TO BE TEMPTED.  This is the Spirit's plan!
     "Bread won't feed men's souls."  (Living Bible)
     Who is Satan?
     Do we need the constant temptation so that we can continue to choose faith?

Sermon Title:  Jesus and Temptation (really imaginative, no?)

Next week:
     Genesis 12:1-4
     Romans 4:1-5, 13-17
     John 3:1-17 (Nicodemus)

Closing Prayer:
Final two stanzas of John Donne's "Hymne to God, my God in my sicknesse"

We think that Paradise and Calvarie,
Christs Crosse, and Adams tree, stood in one place;
Looke, Lord, and finde both Adams met in me;
As the first Adams sweat surrounds my face,
May the last Adams blood my soule embrace.

So, in his purple wrapp'd receive mee Lord,
By these his thornes give me his other Crowne;
And as to others soules I preach'd thy word,
Be this my Text, my Sermon to mine owne,
Therfore that he may raise the Lord throws down.

Have a great week!
Pastor Dayne

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